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I am currently offering two events for local groups. I can bring wildlife cinema to you with a screening of A Wild Cornish Valley with a Question and Answer session. Alternatively, I have The Secret Lives of Badgers, a short natural history of badgers followed by film clips of my experience spending time filming them. Talks and screenings cost just £50 for local groups - I can travel further with expenses.
Wildlife Talks & Screenings
The Secret Lives of Badgers
A Wild Cornish Valley

The badger is a much loved native British mammal that has a largely secretive nocturnal life. Find out more about this enchanting animal that lives underground in our woodlands. Rarely seen by humans, this talk shows their true nature in their natural habitat.

A Wild Cornish Valley is a film that took a decade to make and is a celebration of where I live. A wild journey from an old Cornish smugglers island, through the ancient woodland valley and into the hinterland. Experience an incredible range of wildlife on our doorstep.